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Corporate ButtonRecent Location Based Branding projects have included:

* Work with the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU to help identify marketing and branding opportunities for their program.

* Development of the creative and business strategies for a new out-of-home entertainment web site.

* Strategic consulting for a variety of agencies. In this role, we help them identify new opportunities, both in terms of technology and potential business and serve as a strategic consultant to their clients.

* Development of strategic plan to help IBM/WebSphere reach the internet start-up community. We identified potential VC/funding and services partners, researched appropriate event partners and created unique sponsorship opportunities.

* We currently produce a weekly, e-commerce/new media update e-mail, including a monthly calendar of NY area new media events.

Corporate ButtonPrevious work includes:

* Concept work for a variety of clients, including the World Wrestling Federation restaurant, Baywatch, Sports Illustrated and Kent cigarettes.

* The development of the business plan and partnership program for

* Through DVC Group, online applications and business development consulting (Claritin college marketing concepts, Coca-Cola, CBS, Times Square 2000, Green Giant, WNBA and the Salt Lake Olympic Committee), trade shows (including a highly successful, blue screen studio shoot for Lucent Technologies) and corporate brand marketing programs (,

* CyberEvent Group (CEG) clients included the City of Avignon Festival, People Magazine, USA Network, Westwood One Radio Network, American Express, Merrill Lynch and the Grateful Dead.

* CEG won a MARCOM Award (Best Trade Show Exhibit) for the Immersive Animation_ Theatre, the first theatre to use head-mounted displays for marketing purposes.

* CEG introduced several VR systems to the marketplace, including CyberTron (we even named it!) and CyberBuggy.

* CEG produced the first Virtual Reality tour back in 1992, visiting college campuses throughout the Northeast.

* CEG tour managed the Cutty Sark Virtual Voyage, which won an Interactive Marketing Award in 1995.

* CEG produced an 11 month tour for Blockbuster Entertainment, bringing virtual reality to Blockbuster Music Plus and Blockbuster Video Grand Openings across the U.S.

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