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Corporate ButtonThe World Premiere Cafe™ is a unique, immersive experience that reinforces the relationship with the consumer and enhances brand positioning.

The World Premiere Cafe™ allows companies an opportunity to create a truly immersive guest experience for their target audience by allowing companies to:

  • Re-theme the interior designs for the sponsor product.
  • Rename menu items for the sponsor and create several key menu items based on the brand needs.
  • Re-theme all staff wardrobe based on brand identity.
  • Run promotional programs in conjunction with sponsors.

    The World Premiere Cafe™ will act as a road house for our sponsors, allowing them to have a complete 'eatertainment' complex without the costs and expense of owning a permanent facility. World Premiere Cafe™

  • Is a 350 seat, full service restaurant with a 45 seat lounge with a stage for performances/demonstrations.
  • Uses interactive, virtual reality to create guest experience.
  • Uses table-mounted touch screens video monitors allows for playing CD-ROM games and internet access.
  • Uses high definition projection screens for ease in changing theming.

    The World Premiere Cafe™:
  • Uses modular wall displays for mounting large-format digital images.
  • Has a full range of theatrical lighting with programmable effects.
  • Uses a structural grid for hanging large props.
  • Would use live theatrical performances and actors where appropriate for further guest/brand interaction.

  • Click here if you would like to look at some of the very early Experiential Advertising™ work that Location Based Branding founder David Polinchock did with the CyberEvent Group did in the early 90's.

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