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Corporate ButtonOur work with location based Experiential Advertising™ also began in the early 90's. We realized then, that creating exciting experiences for the consumer audience was going to be very critical for companies who wanted to maintain brand leadership.

Corporate ButtonStar Wars Cafe concept for Pepsi

One of the first touring attraction concepts we designed, this was pitched to Pepsi for use as a promotional tie-in with the re-release of the Star Wars trilogy.

The concept was to actually have people travel to Mos Eisley and be able to eat at the world famous Cantina.

Once inside, guests could have the full experience, including a space battle over their heads.

Corporate ButtonRestaurant concept for Kent cigarettes

Kent cigarettes asked us to create a restaurant attraction for Asia and South America that would reflect their brand architecture.

The challenge was to create a unique, engaging experience, that would not only represent their brand, but work on a practical lever as well.

A great deal of detail work had to be done, to create an interactive experience on many levels. Throughout the space, guests could play with a number of hidden attractions.

One of our more fun challenges was to create immersive experiences that would represent that that different sports experiences from around the world.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information about any of these concepts or to learn more about creating brand experiences for your company or client.

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