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"Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, Involve me and I will understand!" Confucius

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It's not just a cliche, it is a new world. The changes in the advertising world are like no other time in history. Never before have we been able to reach an audience in so many ways and places and never before has the audience had the power to turn off that advertisement in so many ways.

Listen to the language of advertising, it's the language of a hunt. Capture audiences everywhere and claim that as success.

It's time for a new language. One that speaks for the times and has learned from many years of experience.

A language of relevance, authenticity and transformation. Location Based Branding speaks that language!

For my latest writings on brand experiences, emerging technology and innovation, please visit my new blog at Polinchock's Ponderings.

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Corporate ButtonLocation Based Branding™ specializes in the planning and development of Oneline creative strategies and Customer Relationship Experiences™ (CRE) that allow the guest to enter and interact with a company's brand identity. Agency founder David B. Polinchock has been creating Experiential Advertising™ since 1991, when he started his first company, the CyberEvent Group.

With products becoming commodities and customer service at an all time low, creating a complete Customer Relationship Experience™ will become the only path to success. Think about it, what separates many products today? Usually it's the price. And as companies lower their prices simply to compete on a pricing basis, everything else is bound to suffer.

Companies today need to look at their total business model and see where the customer experience really comes into play. In your every day life, think of how you relate to a better customer relationship experience. Do you travel out of your way to go to a dry cleaner that not only does a better job, but remembers exactly how you like your shirts? Do you go to the grocery store that's more expensive, but provides better quality products and services? Why do you sell your customers short by continually reducing services to lower prices?

Location Based Branding is one of the most complete sources for strategic ideation and new technologies needed to create Oneline brand experiences. With our unique background in both branding and new technologies, we can help determine the best way to extend brands, both on- and off-line. In addition, we have an extensive depth of creative resources, from designers to promotion experts, to architects and interactive experts, to bring a diverse thought base to branding projects.

Location Based Branding, Inc.
Oneline Creative Strategies for Brand Experiences™
"Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, Involve me and I will understand!" Confucius
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